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Ordering and paying for materials:

You have three choices. The easiest is to go to the store, click on the button beside a product that says add to shopping cart, then pay for it with your credit card when you click on the button that says checkout. I use the super secure PayPal system - the same one used by Ebay. You won't have to join PayPal or pay a fee and your credit card information will never enter my web site or ever be available to me.

If you prefer to receive an invoice and pay with a check or money order, you can order by email. There's an email form on the order forms page.

If you like filling out a paper order form and/or paying in advance, you can download a form from the order form page, fill it out, and mail it to Stonehouse Creations. You'll have the option of paying with the order or being billed later. When you're ready to order, click on 'order forms'.


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Special payment arrangements:

If your order is large and the situation warrants, I'll make payment arrangements with you on an individual basis. Please contact me before ordering.

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Wholesale arrangements for retail stores:

Please contact Lowell Snow Ministries.

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