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99 cent eBook Sale ends June 1st

99c - Hearing God Speak
99c - Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer
99c - The Last Ocean

Dear valued customer, Please don't miss this opportunity to stock your eBook library before the sale ends.

Don't have an eBook reader? No Problem! There are applications for computers, tablets, and cell phones. Even iphone. Look for the Kindle app in the Applications store on your device or click Kindle Applications and look for your device.

Help jump-start my eBooks by writing a customer review.

I'm just learning the ropes with eBooks, but I know that customer reviews are critical. If you've read any of the books above; please follow these simple instructions:

  • Click on a book. That should take you to the Kindle ( page for that book.
  • Just under 'author', click on the tiny underlined text for customer reviews.
  • Click on 'Create your own review'.
  • There are three parts to the review.
    1. Click a star (5 stars is good) to rate the book,
    2. Enter a simple title like: good book, or helpful book,
    3. Write a review in the big box. Be specific. Customers are trying to decide if this book will meet their need. You're experience can help them decide.
  • Click on 'Preview your review' at the bottom of the page. Look it over. Edit if needed.
  • Then 'submit' it.


Why buy an eBook?

  • Price - Perhaps you're not sure you're even interested in an end-times fiction like The Last Ocean. For just 99 cents, you can find out.
  • Convenience - You could put all three books on your cell phone or tablet and read them anywhere, anytime.
  • Utility - Prayer Guide, for example, has great helps for all kinds of prayer situations. In an eBook you can do a word search for any word or phrase like prayer walk, prayer requests, or opening prayer. Even if you have the printed book; this is a great resource.
  • Immediate gratification - When you buy a Kindle eBook, it's ready for download right then. You can be using it in a matter of minutes.



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